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Stories of the Project
Project Ignite Light - 10860 20 1/2 St SE Rogers ND 58479 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 701-646-HOPE (4673)

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Stories of the Project

Foster Parents and Advocates

Blankets on their beds

"Hi, wanted to pass on that a few weeks ago we had a family of 4 girls that were here for exams. They all got bags. Probably ages 8-14. Their social worker was in today and said they all were placed together in one foster home and when she went to see how they weresettling in, they all had the blankets from your bags on their beds. They really appreciated the bags and blankets. Thank you for all you do!!!"

Carrie Simonson (Lead RN-Red River Advocacy Center- Fargo)

Something Special

“To leave here with something special that is just theirs puts a smile on the children’s faces, which often brings relief for the parents who want more than anything to make this difficult time easier on their children. We appreciate all the work, time and dedication Project Night-Light (sic-now called Project Ignite Light) has put into giving these kids a little bit of comfort.”

Paula Condol (Director-Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center- Bismarck)

The little things

"The bags your organization create really are a blessing and the children who receive them are always so excited by the prospect of receiving new items. One little girl was so excited about the pair of underwear. It’s amazing to see little children so grateful over the little things that we often tend to take for granted. We are truly thankful that you have included us in the bags of hope that you give!"

Lindsay Stayton (Northern Plains Children’s Advocacy Center-Minot)

Smile in the Darkness

"My daughter has been sexually abused.  This is one of the hardest things a parent could go through... When we left the office after exams and interviews we received a bag.  My heart pounding and my thoughts racing, we got into the car and took a minute to let it all sink in.  I turned around to look at her and she's got a smile on her face, She felt special, loved and most importantly it took her mind off everything going on!"

It was all he had

"Riley", age 16 months, came to our home with no more than a diaper.  To our delight, we were handed a special bag for Riley, containing these precious (and needed) items!  The pajamas fit perfectly, and he loved the book, and how nice for him to have his own shampoo and a special bag of his own!  What a perfect package!

Just the right thing

"She was so excited by everything in the bag.  Especially the journal.  She likes writing about her thoughts and feelings and after seeing it in the bag she said it was what she always wanted."